We are a small family farm who specialize in Cavapoos.


We are a family of six and have been impacted by foster care and adoption.

While in search for the best support dog for anxiety, we found a specialty breed that had the solution: Cavapoos. We loved the empathy and snuggliness of Cavaliers King Charles but also needed less shedding for allergies. The miniature poodle is the perfect other half - gentle and intelligent. Cavapoos are not a registered AKC breed but all our Dams and Sire are registered with agencies - see Sire & Dams above.

Our dogs are daily played with our four young children.  Lots of hugs and kisses and under adult supervision.

We came into this ministry because our own son needed a cavapoo for anxiety and PTSD. The cost shocked me.  It was then we decided to make it more affordable to others and especially families with foster and adoptive children.  We rehome to families with foster and adoptive children for at-cost with approved paperwork.

We recommend you read up on cavapoos (https://www.k9web.com/breeds/cavapoo/) as well as knowing the temperament and health needs of both the cavalier and poodle. We are excited to bring you what we see as the best of both worlds and that your new Cavapoo will be FOREVER YOURS.

A question we have asked ourselves and I'm sure you have the same question: why not adopt from a shelter? We absolutely agree. Our two labs were adopted from a shelter. We highly encourage shelter adoptions. When we looked for a small, low-shedding anxiety-buddy at shelters all around, we could not find any after 4 years of searching. When we finally decided to buy one and were shocked at the prices. Vet visits, housing, heat/ac, and quality care of the breeding dogs does cost, but not that much.



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"My daughter with PTSD needed a support dog for when life just became unmanageable to her.  Our FMK cavapoo will go right to her when she scream and throws fits.  The dog plays and licks our daughter until she starts laughing.  It takes what would have been like an hour long fit and turn it into a few minutes."

K. H.

"We were never able to afford a cavapoo that we needed for our adopted children to help with their past trauma.  From the blessings of Forever Mine Kennels, we were able to afford a 3-7k dog for at-cost."

D. Walker

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you"

Meghan Charles



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