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-Is tax added?

-Puppy Life at Forever Mine Kennels (can I visit?)

Foster/Adoptive Families

We have a special program for families with foster or adoptive children in their homes (this includes grandparents as legal guardians).  We do ask for legal evidence for proof as we have had a few people claim they were part of this program and they were not.  It is up to our discretion on how to verify this, but know that we do not keep your information.  We just need proof.

Deposit is either $300 or, if travel is needed, the cost of the in-flight nanny and puppy tickets in cash or venmo.

The remainder of the balance is due upon delivery.

The travel deposit is non-refundable due to the ticket purchase.  The $300 deposit is refunded 50% ($150) if the decision is made before the puppy is 8 weeks old.

Payment method is either cash or Venmo


COMING SOON - We will be setting up Zelle.

$1000 - pet only

$800 (foster/adoptive homes)

*breeding rights for an additional $500 for full price puppies only (no foster/adoptive homes as that defeats the purpose).

We work hard at keeping our prices reasonable and the health of our breeding program top-notch.

The prices may change depending on supply and demand. Rest assured, you are getting the best we can offer at that time.  We do not price match from previous or future litters.  We are trying to get the puppies into foster and adoptive families and we thank you for your loving support in this mission.  This is not our full time job, but rather a calling.

-Complete shot record, up to date on all on shots and deworming

-vet health certificate

- ziplock bag of their food to help their transition (IAMS puppy)

- a blanket with siblings' scent

-copy of the contract signed by both parties (see "Forms")

-Picture of "our favorite things" to know what we have found successful

*Consider a Puppy Play Center - see link in the tabs*

Did you know the coloring of a Cavapoo can change?  Click here to find out more information.


We come to you

We are happy to say that we do deliver for a fee.


Flying: For the health of our puppies, we only do in-cabin flights if a flight is needed.  We fly the most affordable and secure route to save you money and keep the puppy safe.  We fly out of XNA or Tulsa depending on the flights.  You are responsible for the cost of the nanny and puppy tickets but we meet you right at your airport. 

Driving: We can deliver by car for $50 per 50 miles away ($100 round trip).  $100 to Tulsa, $200 to Little Rock.  We can also meet half way.

You come to us

You are welcome to fly into XNA and we will meet you there for free.  It is a small airport so very easy to get your precious puppy, check back in and get through security with ample time.

Don't forget your travel carrier, collar and leash.

Is tax added?

We pay the tax for you so it makes one easy price for you.

Puppy Life @FMK
(Can we visit our puppy?)

See below for videos of our set-up.  We do not allow visitors due to the safety of not just your puppy, but all the puppies and parents, as well as a rapid increase in parvo, the devastation it can cause a breeding program, and for the safety of our family (reason).  We appreciate you understanding that safety is our number one priority.

We send weekly updates with pictures and/or videos.  We also can meet up at a local location to meet the puppy if it is 6 weeks or older.